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SEO strategy

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Designing your SEO Strategy

Not enough organic traffic? Or is this traffic not generating any engagement on your site? We work with you to define the SEO strategy that will allow you to target the right people, attract them to your site and get them to convert.

At Semactic, every SEO project starts with an analysis of your market to identify the most interesting keywords and define the best SEO strategy for your site.

3 steps to an impactful SEO strategy

1) Analysis of your market

We start with a kick-off meeting to understand your context and define a tailor-made SEO action plan

What is your “Unique Value Proposition”? Who are your personas? How do you address them now?

We analyze your real competitors and your SEO competitors, i.e. the sites that are positioned on the same themes as you, even if they are not “real” competitors.

We take into account your organization and your internal resources to define a personalized and pragmatic action plan.

Seo strategy and collaboration
A man implementing an SEO strategy while sitting at a desk and looking at a computer screen.

2) Keyword research

We identify the most interesting keywords for your business

Based on the information exchanged during the kick-off meeting, we put ourselves in the shoes of your potential prospects. We determine their search behaviour and identify the most interesting keywords for each of your product/service lines.

We classify each keyword into several categories to allow you to track your SEO performance by topic. Our analyses include a minimum of 400 keywords and can go up to several thousand keywords, when the sector requires it.

We integrate the semantic analysis directly into the software. You can track your positions day by day and benefit from Semactic’s personalized recommendations. The analysis is not fixed, you can adapt it over time.

3) Customized SEO dashboard

We define your SEO objectives and configure your SEO KPIs in a dedicated dashboard.

We link your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to your Semactic dashboard. You follow all your SEO KPIs at a glance. You can also integrate your SEO data into your broader marketing report, using our Data Studio connector.

We pre-process your SEO data and format it into your custom dashboard. You can easily see your impact in terms of visibility, traffic and conversions.

The different graphs allow you to keep an eye on your competitors and compare your SEO “share of voice”. The Semactic dashboard also shows you which themes and keywords are increasing or decreasing. You can detect new business opportunities: development of highly sought-after products or services, inventory adjustments, etc.

A screen shot of a dashboard displaying SEO data.

What is a good keyword?

Relevance of the keyword

The keyword is perfectly consistent with your business and the way your prospects search for your products or services online. It has a good conversion potential.

Search volume

The keyword is very often searched in search engines. If you are well positioned on this keyword, you can potentially reach a large audience. There is no ideal search volume to aim for, it depends on the averages related to your sector of activity.

Competition for this keyword

Few competitors are positioning themselves on this keyword or their website is not well optimized for this theme. You will be able to target the first results of Google more easily!


Compare the progression of your positions in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with those of your competitors

Detect visibility opportunities with the SEO potential indicator

Analyze your performance by keyword category to better understand your SEO progress

Analyze your performance by keyword category to better understand your SEO progress

With what result?

"Semactic allowed us to identify new SEO and business opportunities. In just a few weeks, we have achieved visibility gains of 78% on our key themes!"

Floriane Piquin

Acquisition Manager at Medi-Market

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