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SEO Dashboard

We are continually working to help you integrate SEO skills into your company. To this end, we have released our own Data Studio Connector : “Semactic SEO Data“. This allows you to integrate SEO data directly in your marketing report. In this way, you will improve the definition of your objectives and the nurturing of your marketing strategy.

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Data at the heart of your Strategic Decision

Unleash the power of your SEO data

Keyword positions


Analyse your positions & their evolution directly on your SEO dashboard. Compare your performance to that of your competitors and decide which keyword will be your next target for SEO optimisation in real time.

You can easily measure your impact, positions are always up-to-date.

Monitoring of the competition


You are working on SEO, but so are your competitors. Watch on how they are evolving with our unique, comprehensive & reliable indicator: the SEO Visibility Score (developed by Semactic).

Which competitor will be your next target ?

Insights per thematic


You are guaranteed to pick out the most interesting keywords categories so that you can continually improve your SEO. Having in-depth keywords categories analysis, you can see the total volume for each theme and the related SEO potential, SEO competition and even SEA competition.

All your SEO data in one place, always up-to-date.


Compare the progression of your positions in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with those of your competitors

Detect visibility opportunities with the SEO potential indicator

Analyze your performance by keyword category to better understand your SEO progress

Analyze your performance by keyword category to better understand your SEO progress

Don't want to create a Data Studio dashboard ? No worries, everything is already ready to use in your Semactic Dashboard​


Track your KPIs and the impact of your work on improving SEO performance


SEO dashboard with your main KPls and the evolution of your goals in terms of visibility, traffic and conversions

Thematic analysis

Find out which theme you should focus on to get the best return on investment

A screen shot of a dashboard with a number of different graphs.

Google Analytics integration

Get all your Google Analytics data directly imported into Semactic

Google Search Console integration

Get all your Google Search Console data imported directly into Semactic. You have the complete history from the first day of import.

Competitive Analysis

Automatic tracking of your competitors' visibility

"You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data"

Daniel Keys Moran

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