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The Semactic SEO tool recommends the best actions to take in order to climb quickly in the Google results. You take control of your SEO and see the direct impact of your efforts. As a result, your motivation increases and so does your visibility!
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Impact-focused SEO Software

Identify your opportunities

At a glance, visualize your positions and those of your competitors

Compare the progression of your positions in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with those of your competitors

Detect visibility opportunities with the SEO potential indicator

Analyze your performance by keyword category to better understand your SEO progress

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A screenshot of a page showing a recommendation for an SEO platform.

Break down internal silos

Create an SEO dynamic that encourages collaboration

Semactic’s SEO software monitors various databases on a daily basis to advise you on the actions with the best SEO impact for your business.

The tool sorts your SEO recommendations by priority and tells you exactly what to do. You validate the tasks and assign them to the right person internally.

Your optimizations are tracked by our SEO software to confirm their proper implementation. You can directly see their impact on your visibility in the SERP.

Stand out in Google and stay motivated

Integrate your Google Analytics and Search Console data

You see the impact of each implementation on your SEO goals

With the Semactic tool, you can follow the evolution of your competitors, identify your business opportunities and get a head start

You follow your SEO performance indicators and see your return on investment (ROI) increase month after month

A screen shot of a dashboard displaying SEO data.

Features designed to facilitate your
SEO management

Integrated SEO strategy

Your semantic analysis is integrated into the SEO software. It is not static, you make it evolve at the same pace as your marketing strategy.

SEO recommendations

Display recommendations by priority, type of optimization, person involved and status. You manage your tasks with ease.

Measuring your impact

Measuring the results of each implementation on the linked landing page, the global website and the keyword themes. You see the impact of your actions directly.

Quick win analysis

Evaluation of potential SEO gains and detection of priority optimizations. Semactic software identifies the priorities for your website.

Implementation check

Automatic detection of implemented recommendations. No need for an audit to check where you stand, the Semactic tool does it for you.

Visualization of your KPI's

SEO Dashboard showing your main KPIs and the evolution of your objectives in terms of visibility, traffic and conversions. You can easily measure your return on investment.


Semactic is totally different from tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. Often designed by experts for experts, traditional SEO tools offer a plethora of data that is easy to get lost in. Our SEO platform focuses on action and project management: it provides personalized recommendations, starting with quick wins and tracking their implementation. We are also the only ones to integrate semantic analysis and impact tracking directly into the tool.

Very simple in fact. You don’t have to take care of anything. We set up your Semactic account and retrieve all your data. On your side, you just have to be guided and start your Semactic experience. Our SEO platform is very intuitive. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned SEO expert, you’ll get the hang of it in a few clicks.

The Semactic platform is super simple to use and requires no special experience. You easily understand how to use the different features. And if you have any question, your SEO coach will help you and advise you to get the most out of the tool.

Yes, we also offer SEO support to meet your more specific needs, or at certain key moments: new SEO project, site redesign, migration, need for occasional support, Q/A …

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“You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post.”

Stoney deGeyter

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“ Thanks to Semactic, we got out of the “SEO vortex” and started to act on tangible measures. We are clearly starting to see the positive impact as we implement on-page optimizations on a weekly basis. This approach is beginning to bear fruit and we look forward to expanding the project to other countries in our organization! ”

Hugues Villeret

Head of Group Digital Marketing & eCommerce Execution

Hugues Villeret
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