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Semactic encourages you to take control of your SEO. But you are never alone. From strategy to implementation, our experts offer you their personalized SEO services according to your objectives and internal resources.

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Our services

We analyze search volumes, competition and business interest of keywords to identify the best opportunities for you

Site speed, SEO markup,, faceted navigation...We analyze all the factors that affect your SEO

We offer you an optimized content structure to best serve your SEO strategy and help search engines position you at the top.

The redesign of a website and the changes of URLs are very delicate in SEO. We guide you step by step for a successful SEO migration

Do you lack the resources to write or optimize your content? We produce your SEO-friendly pages for you

Need specific support? We walk you through your implementations step by step and train your team in SEO best practices

"The future of SEO is here – understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines"

Adam Audette (Chief Knowledge Officer at RKG)

SEO strategy at the heart of your digital ambition

We take the time to discuss with you and understand your market, but also how you are different. An essential step in defining the SEO strategy that will allow your business to stand out.

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SEO audit

Assessing the technical foundations of your website

To maximize your impact, we identify not only the blocking factors for SEO, but also all the untapped opportunities and clearly indicate what to do.

SEO-friendly website structure

A Website structure optimized for both your users and Google​

An optimized site structure is essential, both for user experience and for SEO. After defining your SEO strategy, we recommend the best tree structure for your content, including the focus keyword for each page. An optimized base on which to roll out your content strategy for maximum impact.

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SEO migration

Careful management of this delicate step to avoid loss of traffic

Still too often overlooked, migrating to a new website can lead to a significant drop in traffic. To avoid this drama, we guide you before, during and after the migration of your site.

Content writing and optimization

SEO Copywriting - Qualitative articles that talk to your customers

We write your landing pages, product sheets or blog articles by integrating SEO best practices. We also review and optimize your existing content (text or video) to boost their organic visibility. From optimizing your SEO tags to completely rewriting certain passages, we adapt to your needs.

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SEO support and training

Benefit from the support of SEO experts with a hands-on mindset

The expert in his ivory tower is outdated. We adapt our support to your level of expertise and your internal resources, but always with the aim of sharing our best practices with you. You improve your SEO, and your SEO skills at the same time


In fact, we offer the same SEO services as a traditional agency. What makes us different is our approach: to maximize the impact of SEO, we combine the performance of our AI-powered software with the expertise of our in-house consultants. We also aim to put you back in control of your SEO, avoiding a dependency on our services that would last indefinitely. With our support, you will gradually become more competent and autonomous. But you are never alone, we are by your side all along the way

Absolutely! Semactic was born out of a realization: the SEO tools available on the market are made by experts for experts, and we often get lost in the mass of data. At Semactic, we want to make SEO accessible to both beginners and experts. Everyone will be able to use the tool according to his level and will benefit from a tailored support according to his needs.
No need to be an expert, the Semactic platform is very easy to use and each recommendation is clearly explained for everyone.

We want the digital teams to take ownership of SEO. But we know that from time to time, you may need a more advanced expertise: website redesign, migration, sudden traffic loss, … In these key moments, you need specific services, adapted to your needs.
You may also lack internal resources for a certain period of time or need more intensive support if your team is getting into SEO for the first time. We have developed support packages specifically designed for these situations. Want to know more? Contact us for a personalized quote!

Yes, every Semactic subscription already includes min 1 hour of SEO support every month. But sometimes, you may need more intensive support. We offer different packages depending on your needs, especially at the beginning of your project, to guide you and develop your own SEO skills

Still in doubt?

" Very satisfied with Semactic! The team was quick and efficient in dealing with our company. The training was hands-on and straightforward, and we quickly got to grips with the tool. The rest of the experience was following the recommendations and seeing our SEO improve. "

Guillaume D’Aspremont

Content Specialist – HMS

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