Our approach

Our SEO methodology includes 3 steps:

Semactic uses a project mode approach to really adapt to the way modern businesses operate on a daily basis – not the other way around.

SEO strategy | Semactic

1)  Everything starts with SEO Strategy

We analyze your sector, its competition, its specificities to develop your SEO strategy. You benefit from a tailor-made and modular semantic analysis. A solid basis for effective SEO project management.

SEO strategy | Semactic

Semactic relies on a project mode approach to really adapt to the way modern businesses operate on daily basis - and not the other way around.

SEO tool | Semactic

2)  You take control

With Semactic, you can monitor your SEO performance in real time and receive concrete recommendations, sorted by priority. You can process them by yourself or allocate them to other collaborators or partners. You can track the implementation and impact of your action plan. You analyze the results of your strategy thanks to your SEO Dashboard.

SEO software | Semactic

You can take control of your online visibility thanks to our SEO management tool, in Saas mode.

SEO trainings | Semactic

3)      You stay up-to-date

You can develop your own expertise, thanks to our on- or off-line training modules. You can benefit from the support of a local expert in case of questions or more specific needs. You can stay up-to-date and adapt your SEO strategy to the evolution of your company.

SEO training & support | Semactic

You constantly stay up to date with SEO thanks to the support of Semactic and its local experts.

Semactic Approach

A "project management" approach: what are the advantages?

Semactic is the first digital player to offer its SEO expertise through a project management approach and a complete tool, allowing to cumulate many advantages:

SEO time saver | Semactic

Semactic prioritizes the tasks for you to assign them directly to the right person. All you have to do is select the ones you want to implement and the ones you prefer to abandon for the moment.

SEO efficiency

Thanks to its complete tool, combining semantic and technical strategy, each recommendation is personalized and prioritized according to the estimated benefit for your organic visibility and the acquisition of quality traffic. You keep the focus on your objectives and priorities.

SEO training & support | Semactic

Thanks to the explanations related to each optimization, you can collaborate more easily with the various stakeholders and reduce misunderstandings during execution. Everyone is aware of their contribution to the company's SEO results.

SEO monitoring | Semactic

Semactic allows you to follow the recommendations implemented: From the detection of your implementation to the concrete result. You can always track the status of your action plan and the status of each task.

SEO results | Semactic

You can have a personalized SEO dashboard with the main KPIs of your natural SEO in terms of visibility evolution, traffic acquisition, traffic quality and conversion. A simplified and striking visualization of your results are accessible 24 hours a day!

SEO motivation | Semactic

You can see the concrete benefits of your SEO project management and its impact on the business. No more laborious actions drowned in the crowd; Semactic provides you with feedback on every job you do. A real boost for motivation!

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