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Intuitive tool that allows you to exploit the full SEO potential of your site


You are not alone. We accompany you according to your needs, from strategy to implementation


Your motivation receives a boost as you achieve prompt results.

Plan ahead. Implement. Measure.


We define your strategy with you, and implement it in the tool.

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Personalized recommendations​

You take control in the tool and manage your tasks independently


Monitoring your impact

You quickly see the impact of your actions and stay motivated!

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It's in your hands. No need to be an expert.

Semactic gives you control over your SEO planning. Our unique approach, combining SEO software and coaching, allows you to implement your SEO strategy and measure its concrete impact. You can do it, it’s in your hands.

Time saving

Easy to follow

See the result


Don't take our word for it

Semactic removes ALL the complexity, and simply tells you what you need to do to improve your SEO, task by task. You spend your valuable time applying the most appropriate changes, instead of misinterpreting raw data and getting the implementation wrong.(...) That's brilliant!

Chris Lineker

Digital Manager Cedral - United Kingdom

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