Google launches new anti-spam form to report poor-quality content

It’s the news that’s got the SEO world buzzing this week. Google has announced, via a tweet from Google Search Central, the introduction of a new form for reporting poor-quality content.

What is this new anti-spam form?

This new form, called “report for spammy, deceptive or low quality webpages”, enables users to report deceptive, low-quality or spam webpages. This is an enhancement to an existing feature, designed to help Google fight spam and improve the quality of search results.

google report spam form

How does this form work and why is it important?

Le formulaire permet aux utilisateurs de signaler une différents problèmes de qualité, notamment les spams, les liens payants, les comportements malveillants, la mauvaise qualité, les informations trompeuses, ainsi que d’autres problèmes de qualité de recherche.

Google a aussi introduit une fonctionnalité de soumission groupée, c’est à dire qui permet d’ajouter jusqu’à 5 pages qui enfreignent la même politique en une seule fois. Plutôt pratique même si pour un gros site qui noterait beaucoup de pages de spam, c’est un peu limitatif… 🙂

You can access this form by clicking here:

User feedback enables Google to identify flaws in its automated spam detection systems, and to fine-tune its ranking algorithms.

In other words, this form gives users the power to help Google improve the quality of search results, by flagging up poor-quality content that might escape Google’s automated systems.

Google launches new anti-spam form to report poor-quality content 2

It’s easy to imagine that the aim is also to add a layer of artificial intelligence to evaluate de-indexing requests and automatically update the spam filter.


This new form is an important step in Google’s fight against spam and low-quality content. It gives users the power to report problems and help improve the quality of search results. However, it is important to use it responsibly and not to use it to maliciously report competitors.

It’s also important to note that the system ignores identical forms submitted by the same user, to avoid spam.

Ultimately, this form is a valuable tool to help improve the search experience for all Google users.

For more information on this new form, please consult the official Google documentation here.

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