New Google Requirements for Video Mode: Google will only publish videos in Search Results when they are identified as the main content of the page.

Google video update news 2023

Google has recently announced an expansion of its requirements for videos appearing in search results, including in Google Search’s “Video Mode.” This update means that videos now need to be the main content of the page to appear in video mode search results. In other words, if a video is not the main element of a page, it will not be shown in the search results or in Google Search’s video mode.

What is the impact on video SEO optimization?

This change, which is expected to take about a week to fully deploy, has several important implications. First, it will affect how videos are indexed and presented in search results. For example, page types where the video is secondary to textual content, such as blog posts where the video is complementary, product detail pages with complementary videos, or video category pages listing multiple videos of equal importance, will now be less likely to have their videos appear in these results.

In terms of impact on Google Search Console, the changes will affect video reports. Videos that are not the main content of a page will appear as “No Indexed Video” in the console. This implies an expected decrease in the number of pages with indexed videos, as well as a decrease in the number of video impressions in various reports.

For website owners and content creators, this update underscores the importance of structuring pages so that videos are the focal point. This may require a reevaluation of how video content is integrated on websites, particularly for those who heavily rely on traffic generated by video search results.

How to optimize a web page to highlight a video in Google?

  1. Make the Video the Main Content: Ensure that the video is the central element of the page. Avoid drowning it among too much other textual or visual content.
  2. Quality Content Around the Video: Although the video should be the main element, the accompanying content must be relevant and of high quality, providing context or additional information.
  3. Use of Tags and Metadata: Use appropriate HTML tags for the video and include rich metadata (such as tags) to help Google understand the video content. (
  4. Accessibility and Responsiveness: Ensure that the video is easily accessible on all devices, especially on mobile. The page should also load quickly.
  5. Optimized Video Integration: The video should be integrated in a way that is easily readable and accessible, without requiring additional complex actions for the user.

The same logic…

In summary, this Google update aims to improve the relevance and quality of video search results for users, ensuring that the videos presented are truly the center of interest of the displayed pages. This has significant implications for the video content strategy of websites, forcing them to prioritize and highlight videos more markedly.

Article sur Search Engine Land: Google Expands Video Requirements for “Video Mode”

Blog officiel de Google Search Central: Video Mode Only Showing Pages Where Video is the Main Content​.

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