Who are we?

Kevin and Celine founded Semactic with a shared passion for digital marketing. Their mission: to empower their clients with cutting-edge tactics, demystify trends and promote SEO self-reliance by breaking the gap between strategy and action.

The dream team

Céline Naveau, SEO expert and co-founder of Semactic

Céline Naveau

Co-founder & CMO

Starting as an SEO consultant, Céline evolved into leading a skilled team in search marketing, social ads, and analytics. With a rich background in marketing and communication, she champions clear positioning and communication as the core of digital strategy, driving her focus on SEO and content marketing. Céline thrives on teamwork, strategic thinking, and cultivating a collaborative atmosphere for success.

Kevin Coppens, SEO specialist and co-founder of Semactic

Kevin Coppens

Co-founder & CTO

Dynamic and driven, Kevin moved from a financial auditor position at PWC to a digital marketing expert at a renowned digital agency - where he held the position of Head of Analytics for 4 years. He is constantly looking for new ideas for his clients. A self-taught coder and passionate entrepreneur, Kevin founded his first startup in 2016 and remains engaged in the fast-paced entrepreneurial landscape.

Our developer Ke Thien, who makes our SEO IT infrastructure always more efficient

Ke Thien Nguyen

Backend Developer

Ke Thien was already an excellent front-end developer but he chose to go further by exploring the field of back-end development. After an initial training at The Wagon, his passion for programming led him to study Python and artificial intelligence at #BeCode. Ke Thien was the first employee to join us. With his high-level vision and attention to detail, he is helping us take Semactic's IT infrastructure and key functionality to the next level!

Our developer Thibaut, who makes our SEO app always more efficient

Thibaut Fourneaux

Full Stack Developer

Fueled by a deep-rooted enthusiasm for #programming and #technology, Thibaut embarked on a comprehensive web development training journey at #BeCode. He consistently showcased his talent and dedication, quickly transitioning into a vital role within our team. Thibaut now spearheads the development of our SEO application, driving innovation and enhancing user experiences.

Carine Pire, SEO expert

Carine Pire

SEO Success Manager

Carine's expertise guides clients to achieve outstanding SEO results. Her curiosity and dedication drive her to refine skills and stay current. She delivers top-notch support to clients navigating complex SEO projects, developing tailored strategies that elevate their online presence. With Carine on board, clients can conquer the digital world confidently.​

Our values

We're not bots

We work with algorithms and artificial intelligence of search engines, but we are not robots. We have the right to make mistakes, but above all, we have the right to respect.

We do it from the heart

Always wanting to know more, to test, to be amazed, to be excited, to burn with impatience sometimes... This is what we call passion, and it is the key to everything we do.

Innovation-driven, with a critical eye

We are resolutely optimistic and creative. Innovation is a real driver. Not innovation for innovation's sake, but for the mental shit it induces and what it allows to solve

We don’t just deliver

We care about understanding our clients and taking ownership of their challenges. At Semactic, we don't just "deliver", we collaborate - happily 🙂

Caring is sharing

A passion is something to be shared. We are keen to exchange, to pass on our knowledge, but also to learn from other points of view

Not forbidden to have fun

Expressing yourself freely, laughing, joking... It is scientifically proven that we do things better when we have fun. We take this very seriously

Life at Semactic


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