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Take control of your online visibility: SEO software backed up by personalized support

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Semactic gives you control over your natural referencing.

Our unique approach combines SEO software and personalized support.

It's SEO, but a new approach, a new dynamic

Semactic puts a unique and powerful tool in your hands.

Our software allows each member of your team to take ownership of SEO and fully exploit its potential.

With our support, you become autonomous and no longer depend exclusively on agencies.

They trust us

"Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online - but only when done right."
- John Rampton

Integrated seo solution

Semactic's unique approach

We design the SEO strategy together with you. Then, we integrate it into the software and assist you according to your needs.

After that, you take the lead using our SEO Software. You receive personalized recommendations and track their impact directly in
the tool.

Why choose

With recommendations and continuous impact measurement, you optimize your website, produce content that is truly visible to your targets and generate more traffic and conversions.

Semactic’s integrated approach makes it easy for you to manage your SEO project. You get the perfect combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and personalized support.

You manage the SEO monitoring of your website and develop your skills thanks to Semactic’s support and back-up.

Leverage value from your online budget. With optimized content positioned on the best keywords, you will get the maximum benefit from your SEA and get the most from your media budget.

Why choose

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