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A good online visibility has become essential for any company, regardless of its size or sector. This visibility is achieved by optimizing your website for search engines, i.e. SEO work – forSearch Engine Optimization. But when should I call on the services of a SEO agency? And above all, why use a SEO agency?

Are you a company manager, marketing manager or digital marketer? Here are some situations that may lead you to call upon an agency specialized in natural referencing.

What are the main reasons for using a SEO agency?

Need to optimize your visibility

The first and most obvious reason is to increase your visibility in search engines. You may have noticed it yourself: your company does not appear, or is not sufficiently well placed in the search results when you type queries related to your business in Google. You may also find yourself in a very competitive e-commerce context where the slightest position gained in the search engines rhymes with a direct increase in your turnover.

Whatever your sector and context, the objective remains the same: improve your visibility on key terms to generate awareness, leads or online sales.

The first question to ask yourself in this case:

At Semactic, we have developed a unique approach that meets the needs of many companies that want to take more ownership of their online marketing. By combining strategy and SEO software, our solution allows you to keep control of your online visibility without relying on ongoing consulting services. Find out how we boost SEO impact through optimized SEO management.

Starting point of a digital strategy

Another situation that may lead to consider working with an SEO agency is the launch of a (new) digital strategy. You have reviewed your online ambitions and want to define an effective action plan to achieve your goals through different channels.

Starting with SEO work – technical and semantic audit for example – allows you to establish a solid foundation for your website that will not only impact its organic visibility but also the performance of your other online channels.

The semantic analysis determines the most interesting themes and keywords to target for your business, which can guide you in your digital strategy at several levels:

  • restructuring your website to better match the requests of your potential customers
  • Content ideas to develop for your inbound marketing strategy (blog)
  • creation or restructuring of your Google ads account, based on the identified themes and keywords
  • priorities for your marketing action plan based on seasonality, search trends and competitor positioning. We explain how to leverage this data in our article on SEO marketing.

Launch of a new website

The creation of a new website or the project of important modifications such as the addition of products/services, the restructuring of contents, the integration of a blog,… can also lead you to think about its SEO optimization. Think about integrating this reflection well in advance of the change; this will avoid too many back and forth between copywriters, developer(s) and SEO agency.

Ideally, involving the SEO agency from the beginning of the project allows you to (non exhaustive)

  • take into account user requests in the structure of your site (page tree, creation of “semantic concons”) to better meet their expectations – and those of Google…
  • Identify the points of attention for the referencing of the new site: which errors were possibly committed on the old site, or conversely, which good practice to keep.
  • to have an SEO checklist for your developer(s), to avoid having to come back to a technical development afterwards (at your expense…).
  • to implement a well thought-out migration plan. It is about redirecting your old URL’s to their equivalent on the new site, via 301 redirects. This step, unfortunately too often neglected, prevents you from registering a (too) strong drop in traffic when migrating the old site to the new one.

Of course, it is always possible to intervene during the process, or even just after the launch of the website. But we can only recommend that you consider SEO as soon as possible. This will save you countless round trips between stakeholders and, above all, significant additional costs to review certain parts of the site.

Sudden drop in organic traffic or technical issue

Finally, you can also call upon an SEO agency when you encounter a problem related to your organic traffic (unexplained drop for example), or when you face a technical question requiring the advice of an SEO expert.

Some possible scenarios:

  • Penalty imposed by Google
  • Technical changes made to the site, affecting your SEO
  • SEO optimization performed by your competitors, which suddenly relegates you to the bottom of Google. Or worse, a voluntary attack, what is called negative SEO (see What is negative SEO and how to prevent it (
  • Decrease in the quality of your backlinks (links to your site)

Want to discuss the latest trends in SEO? Contact the Semactic team, we are always happy to discuss SEO

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