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“ Thanks to the Semactic SEO platform, we got out of the “SEO vortex” and started to act on tangible measures. We are clearly starting to see the positive impact as we implement on-page optimizations on a weekly basis. This approach is beginning to bear fruit and we look forward to expanding the project to other countries in our organization! ”

Hugues Villeret

Head of Group Digital Marketing & eCommerce Execution

Hugues Villeret
Rosita M.
Rosita M.
Septembre 21, 2022
Semactic Review Overall: The Semactic team is very proactive, willing to listen to the users' advice and just overall excellent collaboration Pros: 1. How easy for businesses to use this tool (don't have to be an SEO expert) 2. It features a small definition next to a feature (for example, what is bounce rate, impressions etc.) 3. Clear comparison of KW with our competitors Cons: 1. The only thing that would be useful is to have the dates by default when a specific country was onboarded
Elise G.
Elise G.
Août 2, 2022
Plateforme très facile et agréable d'utilisation. Equipe au top et très disponible. Overall: Semactic nous permet d'optimiser le référencement de notre site web facilement sans besoin de support externe. Pros: La facilité d'utilisation, les schémas très visuels Cons: Jusqu'à présent, je n'ai rencontré aucun problème.
Guillaume d.
Guillaume d.
Mars 3, 2021
Very instinctive and useful tool to improve our SEO Overall: Very satisfying. The team is quick and efficient in responding. The training was practical and straightforward, and we quickly familiarized ourselves with the tool. The rest of the experience has been following recommendations and see our SEO getting better. Pros: The recommendations are full of well-detailed next steps to improve our SEO. The team is available and helpful. Cons: We wanted to be able to see all our recommendations to base our strategy on it. The team reacted quickly and gave us the possibility to do so.
Floriane P.
Floriane P.
Février 18, 2021
Very efficient tool. Increases your productivity and visibility. Take control of your SEO! Overall: We have had a fruitful collaboration since the beginning. We have had the chance to be beta testers. This has enabled us to come up with ideas for improvements. Semactic has always been attentive and very responsive to suggestions. The software is constantly being improved. Pros: It allows us to prioritise our work. To intelligently implement and monitor our strategy. Cons: Being able to insert information into the tool. This will be done in the future. The team really listens to all our comments and business needs.
Vincent R.
Vincent R.
Février 18, 2021
Great product, great feature, great team. Pros: This software allows you to track your ranking on your selected keywords compared to your competitor, give recommendations about your top keyword. Cons: Some developments are still on the way, to improve this software.
Chris L.
Chris L.
Février 3, 2021
SEMRush is brilliant. This is better. Overall: I don't have time to be a full time SEO specialist. Big, well known tools are getting to the point where they're just as complicated as the algorithms they're trying to decipher. Semactic does away with ALL of the complexity, and just tells you what you need to do to improve your SEO, task by task. You can spend your precious time implementing the right changes instead of badly interpreting too much data and then getting the implementation wrong. Pros: It's so easy to use - you don't need to be a data analyst anymore, you just need to implement what it asks. It's brilliant. Cons: It's still a relatively new tool so it is evolving all the time - there are a few glitches, but nothing is bad.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Janvier 25, 2021
Finally an SEO tool that gets the rock rolling! Overall: I joined the digital team one year ago. Back at that time, they already had been through several SEO audits and had a massive backlog. Like many organizations, we were failing at implementing the recommendations that were provided to us by our SEO partner (and I won't mention the audit reports of SEMrush). Thanks to Semactic, we moved away from the SEO whirlwind and started to act upon tangible, lead measures. We are clearly starting to win as we implement on-site optimizations on a weekly basis. This approach is starting to pay off and we can't wait to extend this project to other countries within our organization. Pros: * Action-oriented * Constantly improving automatic recommendations * Easy-to-use * Evolving very fast (constantly improving the tool) * Excellent customer support Cons: * Still young (a few bugs here and there) * Recommendations are goofy from time to time (based on AI, i.e. it still need to learn) * You still need an SEO agency (see the two points above)
"SEO is no longer just a job title, it has become part of everyone’s job description"

Rand Fishkin

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